I am not vegan, I wish I was but I’m not.

In 2014, I realised that I needed to know more about what was in my plate, and as I was following girls from Youtube who were speaking about veganism as I get interested in it more and more.

After I saw the documentary Earthlings

I decided to completely stop eating products from animals, however, after a month and a half I could feel that my body was getting nervous, and it needed meat.

I gave up veganism, but still I was conscient of animal suffuring and I did not want to participate to the cruaulty anymore.

So this is what I did and still do, and I believe it is a good way to somehow show how much I care about the Animals:

  1. Stop drinking milk
  2. Drink plant based “milk”
  3. Minimise buying items made of leather
  4. Minimise the consumption of meat
  5. Stop eating eggs
  6. Stop going to MacDonald’s/KFC
  7. Use as much as possible cruelty free skincare and make-up

Much Love