The first time I used coconut oil was for a simple reason: stop chemical.

It was in July 2014. I became vegan (for 1 month and a half, yeah yeah it’s possible to become vegan for one month and a half), and I realised that the world we were living in had to change and I did not want to be part of a system in which animals had to suffer for human being purpose.

Having that in mind, I went through my “princess cabinet” and I started to make little packs of what I was going to keep and give away. Then I went through my fridge and I thought “God! All the food I have with milk and meat, it is not possible”. So I gave my food to my neighboors who were very happy!

I had a feeling of lightness as if I was able to control my life because I was saying “No” to a system of “fast & easy fooding”, I had a huge feeling of respect of what was surrounding me and then I started to convice everybody that “Be vegan is Good!”

Quickly I realised that people prefered to be blind with what they were eating and they “didn’t want to know” what was behind their food they were buying in the supermarket!

I was really surprised by that, but after some exchanges of ideas with colleagues, family and friends, I thought that food is personal, it is related to “territory”, “inner instinct” and if you touch that you are a lunatic!

Food, Lifestyle, Mindset are personal choice. They cannot be imposed by anyone; Religion, States, New “Guru”. Noboby except us. But if we can buy and consume with the minimum impact on the planet, we should be able to live happily, with serenity and cool mind…


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