This evening I feel inspired to talk about how to find our way, especially in this time of “perfection”, “image”, “el que diran” or the importance to be what people want us to be.

I’ve been inspired by a video done by the really talented Lily Pebbles (Finding your career path – and by these days in general. Because indeed, so many people have already read my blog (well for me 34 people in one week is a lot!)

I have had the experience of failure at a very late age, when I turned 16. In fact, as a child I was considered as “genius”, I was brilliant at everything, and then during the summer of my 16th birthday the complete opposite became more and more my reality… I was failing at every thing, every topic. Why? I don’t know… I was understanding less and less. I remember that I even had difficulties to hear people speaking.

In fact, everything was making me cried, bored, well  I beleive that I was becoming an adult.

I don’t want to be hard at the academic school, but in my opinion, as Lily Pebbles said in a way, if you don’t fit in a particular box you are stupid. So it made me remember that at a certain time of my life I was fitting all the boxes and I was called “genius” and then, out of the sudden I was considered as “not normal” because I was fitting too much boxes.

Then after years of struggles, fight and tenacity I did find my way, and guess how? By doing everything I wanted to without thinking to belong to one specific category!!!

I studied economy, which I loved! I studied theater, which I loved! I did photography, which I loved! And now, in addition to a full time job I love which combined a large range of topics, I write! and I LOVE IT!

So if you feel lost, not fitting in, don’t give up, and don’t listen to people calling you “freak” because you are the most brilliant person in the world!


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