As I care about my hair, my skin and my body in general, I listen  to “what they need”.

After I tried different products and treatments, I have managed to settle down a “weekly routine” for my hair, my face and my body (I will do separate blog posts on those topics).

As I said in my previous blogpost ( I use coconuts oil twice per month or once per week depending on how healthy is my scalp or the lenghts of my hair because coconuts oil cannot be overused and, in my opinion, It can be well used only if you listen to the needs of your body.The same you would do with your cat because you cannot feed a cat if he/she does not want to, right?! So with hair & skin it is the same approach I would say!

So what I do is, after I have brushed my hair, I take a warm shower and I wet my hair. And it is at that time that I start to give a massage to my scalp and I relax. Then I put my hair in a towel, and I apply the coconut oil. I take a few, and I rub it into my hands until it gets liquid and I massage my scalp from the front to the back. I really try to focus on the massage because circular motions help the blood to circulate, calm the anxiety and really help to focus on the treat you give to your hair, your body and mind.

When I do a treatment I really try to breath and relax. I try to visualise the oxygen go into my body, my blood, going through my skin, my hair. It’s like meditation. Being conscious and grateful of the good care you give to your body.

Once I have given my scalp a good massage. I separate my hair into 2 pieces and I continue massaging the coconuts oil always with this kind of meditation aspect: breathing and being conscious of the movement done into the hair.

Once I’m done, I put another towel on my hair and I relax. It can be by reading a book, or being with my cats, or sleeping.

I keep this mask a minimum of three hours, or the entire weekend, depending on what I do. And I rinse it off with warm water, and do at least two shampoo. At the moment I’m using the Shampoo “au lait d’avoine” from Klorane.

The keys of success of this routine are: breathing and massaging with consciousness and gratefulness.



    • zenaidekey
      March 18, 2015 / 9:49 am

      Merci beaucoup Marie! Je viens de regarder ton blog il est superbe! Bonne journée!

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