Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the different things I do during the week to fresh up my hair or to treat a specific issue.

I use Jojoba OIl during the week, because it’s lighter than coconuts oil, in my opinion. I don’t massage my scalp. In fact, I rarely do full & deep treatment during the week. I just fresh up my hair & skin. I tend to do so on Tuesday evening, because Wednesday is usualy my “third day” hair. I put jojoba oil all over my hair and massage a bit the tips. Then I do a side braid. I also take the opportunity to exfoliate my body if I did not do it on the weekend, and then I put jojoba oil all over my body as well. I put on a nice pj and I sleep in it!

If I need a specific treatment, I use almond oil because this oil is very neutral in my opinion, and I mix it with essential oil like pepper mint or rosemary. In general, I mix four table spoons of almond oil together with eight drops of essential oil.

If you want to use essential oils, please make sure that you are not pregnant; if not, please make a try on your skin to check that you are not allergic.

When I do a specific treatment for my scalp during the week, I just brush my hair first, and then I put the brush under warm water and go through my hair and evenly wet my hair with the brush . Then I gently massage my scalp and my hair with the melange almond oil and essential oil with the technic and the philosophy mentioned in my previous blogpost (https://zenaidekey.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/coconuts-oil-my-hair-or-how-i-treat-my-hair-during-the-weekend/).

I hope it was helpful to some of you. If you have questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below, and I will defintly answer you. Bye Bye!!!


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