The Perfum

IMG_1425Perfums, scents, senses have an importance in our lives. They are our “Madeleines de Proust”, reminding us event of our childhood, people we met, moment spent with our beloved. Perfums are important in our life, our days. They give us energy, confidence, trust in ourselves. They appear in different shapes: liquid, solid, cream, and so on… When we smell them, we feel awaken, ready to conquer the world, or even peaceful… It’s like make-up, but in a delicate way as nobody can see it, only guess it. My morning perfum, my morning scent, my morning sense is made of combination of three products: the “Face & Body ultra-rich cleansing gel” with Honey & Sunflower, from Nuxe; the “Shea Body Butter” from TheBodyShop, and my perfum from “Rituals” and the scent is White Patchouli & Cedar Wood… But…shhhh… it’s a secret…!


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