My favourites essential oils.

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about my favourites essential oils which are Orange, Pure Lavender, Pepper mint and Rosemary.

Orange. I love it! The main use I do from it is to fresh and pop up the air of my apartment. Especially when I feel tired or during winter time. The scent of citrus gives automatically an impression of spring, and energetics vibes. I don’t have a diffuser so I just boil water, put it in a bowl and add a few drops of essential oils.

Lavender. I love it! I use it to calm me down. A few drops on the back of my hands or the tips of my hair and I sleep like a baby. The other use i make of Lavander is to perfum my cosmetics and home products. For instance, on my body, from time to time I don’t want to have a particular smell on me. Just me. It happens sometimes during the weekend, specially when i’ve had a” heavy” week. In fact if I wear the same perfum during the week and the weekend I have the impression to do not disconnect and I still have the feeling to be in a “working atmosphere”. So to calm down, relax, and help myself with meditation, I like to mix some almond oil with lavender. I think the smell of it is sweet, not agressive and very therapeutic indeed.

Pepper mint. Love it! I use it to sanitise the air, or to do a specific treatment of my hair like dandroof or if my scalp is scratchy. The smell of it is quite heavy, in my opinion, so if you cannot stand the smell you should use the Rosemary to treat your scalp especially if it is heritated.

Hope It helps some of you. And tell me what are your favourites essential oils?

Please have in mind that use of essential oil on your body can only be done if you are NOT pregnant.



    • zenaidekey
      April 1, 2015 / 11:46 am

      Hey Louise! Thank you for your kind words. They really mean something to me. I will follow your blog which seems nice and give you support ! Have a nice day! Zenaide

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