My Daily Morning Routine (Work-out/Breakfast/Time for myself).

I like Routine: skin-care routine, make-up routine, cooking routine, and so on… It gives me an impression of stability.

In fact when I wake-up and start my day with a bit of work-out, good food in my belly and writting out my thought, I feel that I have already done something with my day. And I can fullfil my others duties and obligation without feeling that I am in a rush throughout the day, to come back home to do something for myself!

So here are three steps I like to do during the morning. But bear in mind that some little things have to be prepared the night before:

  1. Evening routine done,
  2. Work-out clothes ready,
  3. breakfast table dressed.

When I wake-up I start putting my work-out clothes on and I drink a big glass of water (300ml) with half a lemon (an entire lemon is too much for my stomach). If you want a good morning “kick-ass” video, watch the one of my favourite youtuber Cloudyapples.

Then I start with 10 minutes of yoga practice. I usually do 5 Sun Salutations, then I move on to 10 minutes of exercise. I like blogilates, actually I’m doing the “30 Day Thigh Slimming challenge“. Then I finsh off with a bit of stretching and meditation.

After that, I sweat a bit so I go straight to the shower! And I do my quick and easy morning routine using my favourites products of the moment (click here if you want to know). The only product I like to add from time to time is the liquid facial soap mild from Clinique, just in case I want a little extra-morning treat …!

Then I add a bit of coconut oil as deodorant, put my clothes on and I have my breakfast !!!! It can change but basically I have coffee, cereals or bread with jam, or honey, and some fresh orange juice… Yummy! And My favourite thing to do during breakfast time is writting on my “daily greatness journal“. In fact, it gives me energy and guidance throughout the day.

I hope this little blogpost gives you inspiration for your perfect morning routine. Keep in mind that the perfect morning routine is made of what you love the most.

Have a nice day!


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