How to deal with Insomnia.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to start this blogpost by apologise on the fact that I have not written for a long time. It was not due to Easter break, but simply because of insomnia.

It was not severe insomnia (“Chronic Insomnia”), but short-term insomnia (“Acute Insomnia”). Which might have been caused by changing weather… I don’t know…  In any case,I don’t want to pretend that this blogpost can solve the type of insomnia you might have but at least it can give you piece of advice to try to deal with it and help you to pass this hard and sad lap of time without too much damages…

The first tips I would like to emphasises is: talk about it! You are not the only one. I personally have spoken about it to my friends and one of them has told me that insomnia is much more frequent than we can imagine. So talk about it, to your family, to your friends, tell them simply the true: you cannot sleep.

When I say talk about it, especially to people surrounding you, I think it is important because lack of sleep make us irritable, nervous, “less productive”… If you can talk about it at work say it! If you don’t have this chance, don’t.

The reason why you need to talk about it is because you need help, in the sense that your capacities, abilities are reduced, so people cannot ask you what they are normally used to because… YOU ARE TIRED!!!!!

When Insomnia begins, don’t worry too much but be aware that it can prolong and I would suggest you start from the beginning to apply these little advices in addition to talk to your entourage.

First tips is: to do less. You have to. You have to admit that for a week at least you will cut off half of your usual habits.

Second tips: stop alcohol, junk food, coffee, tea… Replace it with warm, home-made, organic food. Soup is the best. Hot chocolate with nuts milk or almond milk is delicious to add comfort to this painful situation.

Third tips: drink water. A lot of water. Your body is tired, dehydrated. It Needs Water.

Fourth tips: Drink infusion with calming properties.

Fifth tips: don’t go to bed before your skincare is complete: face and body. I know it sounds difficult as you are super tired, you only want to have a quick make-up removal, but don’t. In fact your body and mind are weak, warm shower and/or bath are mandatory in such a situation, because in addition to good food and water, skincare will help your body to, at least, do not damage your skin too much.

Sixth tips: fresh up the air with essential oil (I’ve done a blogpost on that, click here to read it).

Seventh tips: take care of the people / pets who are surrounding you. In fact, when tiredness is accumulating you can be irritated. So whenever you feel you are about to get mad, go to another room. Sleep in another bed if you can. DO NOT GET MAD at people/pets surrounding you. They are not punching ball.

My last advice will be write! Write is good to free and calm our Soul.

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