What I ate today!

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. Today I was thinking to  write a blogpost on “what I ate today” because I am going to make an experience…! In fact, today, i’m sick… which is logic especially when you get a week of insomnia, and then you go for a run because you manage to sleep 5 hours in a row… Well, today I’m sick and I’m going to challenge myself to make an healthy breakfast, snacks and dinner!! It can be fun I guess!

Please have in mind that I did not go to the grocery shop especially for this post, I cooked with what was already in my fridge.

So here we go!!! For my breakfast, I’ve had a big jar of fresh orange juice, two pieces of brown bread with organic honey, a mango, and a coffee (because yep: I’m a “coffee kindagirl”, I need my fuel!)


In my opinion this breakfast is perfect because it’s Big, Orange and Yummy! No, seriously, this breakfast is very healthy, there is Mango, “The king of the fruits”, Brown bread and Organic Honey and orange juice. Everything is full of vitamins, they are “comfort food” as well, so perfect!

IMG_1921 During the day I’ve drank a lot of water and coconut water, which has high hydrating properties and it’s full of potassium.

I think water is really crucial in general. Sometimes during the day, I forgot to drink, especially during winter, and I don’t like that.

I don’t drink coconut water by itself. I put in a jar half of coconut water and half of flat water.

As a snack, I’ve had Banana Almond milk, tea and water! For this recipe you just need two bananas, smash them with a fork, add a bit of almond milk, and you are done!


For dinner, I’ve had salmon “en papillotte” with half a lemon and some thyme.


And before bed a hot chocolate with almond milk!


I hope you enjoyed this little “what I ate today”. I did not want to go too much into detail with recipe and vitamin virtues of ingredients because I’m sure you know all about them. I just wanted to give some ideas and hope it inspires you!!

Bye Bye!!!


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