Kiss to Kiehl’s!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well!

From my side: Yes! I’ve almost finished my exams, I’ve done well with the first one and with this beautiful weather… well… it is almost Summer time!

Recently I have tried different products from Kiehl’s and I’m happy to give you my opinion on them. I’ve not tried that much because they are quite expensive, but it is true that they do a very good job. In addition, the shop itself was very cute, warm and cosy, and the shop assistant was very nice and competent.

So here are the products I’ve tried: the “creamy eye treatment” with avocado, the “creme de corps” light-weight body lotion and the “midnight recovery concentrate”.

As a common point, I would say that the texture of the products is really “adequate to the needs”, in the sense that the consistency is really appropriate in term of what I need to feel for each kind of application.

In fact for my body I really like “light” texture, especially during spring & summer seasons; for facial treatment I want something which stays in my hand to be warmed up a little bit before application on the face and neck (never neglect your neck!); and for eyes I like something in between. I still want the cream to be a bit heavy to force myself to do the “tap” movement, which is good to activate the circulation of the blood, and I want the texture to be easy to apply, because I don’t want to spend too much time on this area, even if I should…

Speaking about eye cream, the product itself is very comfortable. the green colour is a bit weird at first but the result is amazing. I have to say that I am lucky enough to do not have that much problem on this area, so I asked the very nice lady from the store to recommend me a product to hydrate the contour of my eyes and fight a bit against dark circles. Regarding hydrating I am satisfied, regarding dark circles I believe It does not work. It has a bit of brightening effect but, I believe that in my case at least, the thing to make dark circles disappear is to have more sleep and less exams…

Anyway, as a general fact about “dark circles”: I don’t care having them, I like this little sign of tiredness. It’s cool. It gives a “je ne sais quoi” to my look I would say!

And also: “why beeing so perfect!?!”. It is not possible, except for Barbie but look at her boyfriend Ken he does not even have a p***. Which is the proof that being perfect does  not worth ladies & gentleman.

For the body I have tested the “creme de corps” light-weight body lotion AND It is really really good! This product is one of the first which does exactly what is it mentioned on the bottle, which is moisturizes skin and leaves it soft and smooth all day long.

As a face oil, I have tested the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I can feel that my skin is more hydrated. The texture is really good, it is not light, and I like it because you really feel the product in your hand. The texture is a bit powdery as well. And it smells like pharmacy, a herbal scent.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, I will do more in the future (after the 05th of June).

And tell me: for which product would you give a Kiss to Kiehl’s ?


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