4 weeks to better skin, body & mind!

Hello my dear Friends!

I hope you are all doing great. As you might know I have finished my exams!! Yeah!! And I really thought that straight after I would write again & again & again… But Reality came first with tiredness. It was as if I ran for such a long distance without realizing the effort and then feeling all the adrenaline going out of my system. To those who are studying and working at the same time, or just studying, do you feel the same?

I’m not going to lie to you, I did not follow my morning routine at all for two months. The rhythm of my life was: get up – work – back home – eat – study… So here are the consequences: I have taken a bit of weight (even if my boyfriend is telling me “no, you did not”), and I get some “Sugar Spots” (to much sweets = spot spot spot).

However I cannot say that I feel bad in my skin, because ok i get some spots but they are not that bad, and ok I get some weight but again I still feel that I am confident in my body. Which is the most important.

To go back to the topic of loosing weight, I have decided to use books I have which are a recipe book to stay slim, and two journals let’s say. I know it sounds a lot, but I am a person who needs to read and to have choices and diversity in whatever I’m doing. About these books, I would like to follow the instructions and see if it works.

About the cooking book, it is a simple book from the Marabout collection. I will try to get some inspiration from it. In fact there are some recipes  for breakfast and lunch. Because I do believe that the  major key to loose weight and get more energy is to cook.

One of the Journal I bought is part of the Dailygreatness journals collection. These notebooks are just great. You ask yourself questions, which might be the same over and over, but you see how much you grow and how much you get confidence throughout days… weeks… and months. I hope to have the same results with the one related to “being fit”. The other journal is a really simple one, and it is part of the Cahier collection. The explanations provided about glycemic index are very well explained and the diet seems very easy to follow.

At the beginning of the year, I was having a very good daily and weekly routine in term of food, exercise and fun as well! And as “holiday season” has arrived I want to be again in good shape for all my projects and new goals I have for the second part of the year which is coming right now!

So the purpose of this blogpost is to give you a little introduction of what I’m going to do. I will give you an update every two to three days about what I have cooked, eaten, done as exercises, and the fun that I have had too!

I’m a girl like you who work/study and enjoy life, and I really hope that within these four weeks we will learn how to know each other by exchanging our feelings, our tips on food & cooking, and of course the fun that we are going to have during Summer Time because it’s HOLIDAY!

Much love to all of you!



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