4 weeks to better skin, body & mind! (Days 1, 2, 3…4…sorry)

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing great!!

I am SO SORRY because I AM SO Late in posting articles! I said that I was going to have fun and YES I’m HAVING FUN, which means not that much time to write… Soorrryyy again. But let’s stop apologizing and let’s get straight into the subject:

I have started my very first day of the plan on Thursday. The morning I woke up and I did five Sun Salutations, then I took an orange juice and my coffee of course! I prepared my own meal for lunch that is to say: rice, corn, and carrots; and for desert: strawberries. Most of them are bio.

Honestly, after two hours I ate my lunchbox I was feeling so hungry. I do think, I should have added a banana and an apple, and make bigger portion. However, as I wanted to finish what I had before buying new food I get inspiration from The Fridge !!

When I arrived at home from work I said hello to The Cats, took my big bags and came to the supermarket. While I was walking in my street I was reading one of the journal which gives ideas for food with low Glycemic Index. Even if, according to the test I’ve done in the journal, I should only eat foodstuffs with low GI, I prefer to eat ones with low and medium percentage of GI.

If you want I make a blogpost on GI like this post, and I will make one…!

After the shopping, back home, I decided to clear my apartment, clear the space. Specially my bathroom, where I decided to put aside new products, and finish the “old” ones. It is so haaarrrrrdddddd….!!! You Ladies KNOW what I mean … Right?!

As I said previously I get some spots and now I have a bit of scars left, so I cure them by using TriAcneal from Avène on my chin before going to bed. And after four days, I can really see a difference. The scars are getting smaller, which I am really happy about…

My evening and Morning routines are really simple:


During the evening I really take care of removing my make-up. I “triple-cleanse”. Yes Sir! I use a milk make-up remover from Lancôme, but frankly speaking, it is not the best make-up remover I have tried. But I enjoy the milky texture and the massage I do. Then I use the hydrating toner which I love. It is soft, gentle, smells amazing and is really hydrating. I use organic cotton pad  for both product. And after I go the shower and the I apply my face creams, among which there is the Pore-Minimizing Serum from Clarins.

In the morning, I refresh my skin with the Toner from Lancôme. Under the shower it depends, or I use a gentle scrubs or a foaming cleansing gel. As I said it depends on what my skin feels like to have on. Then I use the same serum and the hydrating cream from Clinic.

For space, as I mentioned above, I wanted to clear my space, specially after exams, I need to through away paper, donate books… In addition, I have decided to something for my apartment twice per week. This week It will be: clean the windows, and donate clothes. I think that if I manage to do one or two house-works per week I will have a nice and fresh space ready for fall. Because during fall/winter season it is so great to stay cosy and warm at home drinking hot chocolate watching Youtube Videos like Claire Marshall, you Guys know what I mean right?!

But let’s go back to Summer !

For lunch, on Wednesday I prepared a quinoa cucumber, tomatoes and shrimps salad. I did a huge portion. I took a banana and an apple in my purse. And on Thursday and Friday I’ve had lunch outside with colleagues and my Boyfriend so I took healthy sandwich with salmon, and salad, and we have been to places where they served fresh and bio food! I’ve brought tones of cherries and two little peaches for snacking at work.

I told you that I had fun this week, and yes! On Wednesday I came with my boyfriend to see The Sparks!

The Sparks

And on Thursday I had a nice evening with my friend Carry who introduced me to her boyfriend Wilfried. They are so lovely… And here is what I saw coming back home:






Voilà my Dears! I hope you enjoyed reading my first days of BSBM!

Lots of love and thank you so so much to all of you who have subscribe to my blog on bloglovin or wordpress!!



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