Monday’s Time: How to use the most of…10 minutes during the Morning!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

Today I’m going to give you tips on how to use the most of 10 minutes. Yes my dears it is possible!

How? By using my favourites beauty products: Masks. It can be hair mask and, or, face mask. In fact, the time to wait for the product to do its job is usually between 5 to 15 minutes.

The ones I’m using for the moment are, for face: Pure and Radiant Mask with pink clay from Clarins, and for hair: Ultra-repairing mask from Phyto.

I like these masks because they are really easy to rinse off and they are not heavy for my hair or my skin, in the sense that my skin is not red due to the pink clay and my hair is not full of product.

While I let the products work, I do several things. I start with making my bed, then I prepare the clothes I want to wear, then I brush my teeth and I use the last minute to check my purse and add or take out different things like make-up, a book, my charger…

After that I just have my usual shower, use a shampoo if I have to (because sometimes I just need the tip of my hair to be moisturised), put coconuts oil, do my make-up, dress-up and I’m done!

When you are in a rush this technique is so good because you really take care of yourself and you are efficient. Of course the night before your skin has to be very well cleansed otherwise the mask has no effect.


Cheers to all of you and I wish a good week!



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