Monday’s time: how to start the week & make the most of it.

Hi my dear friends,

I hope you are all well. It has been a long time since I haven’t write but I’ve had other priorities like: clear out my wardrobe, my library, gardening, take language courses, …

That being said, let’s go straight into the topic of Monday: how to start the week and make the most of it.

Two weeks ago, I woke up and I decided to start my Monday as if it was a Friday (or a Thursday) which means you are happy because it is (almost) the end of the week, but still, you have thousand things to do because you were to tired or not motivated at the beginning of the week to do them properly.  So what about making things all the way around and start the week motivated and efficient in a good way.

Concretely it means that in the public transports, at the supermarket, … I have been more helpful and smiley than usual. For instance, I let my place to people with a few products in hands, and they were so happy. Basically I open up my eyes to see who was needing help or a bit of kindness. And I can tell you, when you live a big city compassion, care to the other make a huge difference.

At work I decided to be more enthusiast, stop postponing not urgent tasks. Because at the end, even if the most urgent or the most complicated work is done, little tasks start to accumulate and become a huge pile. So get rid of them is crucial.

The other thing I’ve done was to arrive earlier at work. Half an hour is so important! It makes a huge difference at the end of the day.

As always to leave the house in one hour everything has to be prepared the day before, and you have to stick to the “plan” made the night before. For instance, wake up at 7:00am, do 10 minutes of yoga, take 20 minutes for breakfast, 5 minutes to arrange the bedroom, 10 minutes in the bathroom, 10 minutes for the make up, 5 minutes to dress-up, and go!


I hope this Monday’s time was helpful and as always thanks a lot to take the time for reading me. It really makes me happy!



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