Monday’s time: how to start the week after a bad weekend.

Hello my Dears!

I hope you are doing great. You know, every time I come back to work after the weekend I feel good, relax and safe. Because most of the time I’ve been surrounded by people I love, I did things I enjoyed or I’ve had a good rest. In any case, Life really shows up during the weekend!

However last month I experimented a sad weekend in the sense that I’ve had an argue with a very good friend of mine on a minus topic… And guess what: it ruined all my weekend… I did see another friend, I did make other fun stuff, but still the impression was not the same and the vibes in the air were cloudy…

The thing which helped me to get through this was to talk about it to my good friend and to go to see a movie to the cinema to clear my mind and have other images in my head to think about. Then I told myself: what shall I do: call this friend, knowing that I feel mad, angry and not in the mood of reconciliation. I let the electronic device on the side and decide to allowed myself to be mad at this friend, to let all the anger go throughout my body, my veins, the pores of my skin… Then, I did not sleep that well, woke up, fall asleep again, and dreamt that everything was fine with her and we were happily together.

When I woke up to go to work I took my coffee, my dailygreatness journal, and i wrote about how my day was going to be. And maybe because of that dream and the confidence I get in myself throughout the year I manage to feel calm and I told myself: “let’s have a good shower to clear out my pores and skin full of anger”. For that I used products I particularly enjoyed like the body scrub from Ritual, sent Mandarin and Yuzu.

As make-up I put my red lipstick (Hazard from Topshop). It is a beauty secret, when you cry or you are sad, red lips avoid people to look into your eyes and see what’s happening…

At work, I just said that I’ve had a nice weekend and I called this friend who told me to let this story aside and enjoy the sunny day before autumn arrives… So I decided to go for a walk during lunch break and go and see the camera of my dream which is the Olympus EM-10 (let me know what you think about it in the comment section below).

In the afternoon, I forced myself to start a difficult file to make my mind occupied by the complexity of the topic and the research I had to do.

Then out of the sudden I realised what happened… And It makes me understand something: quiet friends are the more delicate persons. They need attention because they will never ask for it. This stupid argue was the demonstration of lack of attention and kindness. So if you have quiet friends make sure you show them love because we often forget them.

Have a nice week my friends



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