The Excitment behind MyLittleBox (Part 5!)

Hi My Dears!

I hope you are all well and you had a fantastic weekend!

Mine was beautiful, I visited my family , we spent some times together. I brought them some little presents from my short trip to Liverpool and they really loved them.

Before I left I received my beautiful: MyLittleBox! Full of surprises. I know it is always the same thing: Happyness! But again, look at all these beautiful things! Even my cat loved them!


What I’m really happy about this time is the diversity of the products.


Last time I regretted that I received two times in a row body cream with the same sent (Monoi). But this time, they really met my expectations.


I have to say that the foam is not the best one to do a deep cleanse, but it is good enough to fresh up my skin during the morning.

The perfum is fresh and nice, nothing special but really convenient to have in your purse.

The lipstick is gorgeous…! I really love the colour on me.


The gift was a scarf, I did not opened it yet but it is from American Vintage, which is always nice!


The magazine itself is really well made. In term of photography and advice on fashion and beauty. This is one of the reasons MyLittleBox is unique, behind this small company there is a lot of hard work and I really do not agree with negative comments on this brand. Once there was some delay in the delivery and the team sent me an email, which is, again, the sign of a professional brand.

I hope this blogpost was usefull, and as always thank you so much for reading me!




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