Monday’s Time: How to organize a busy week.

Hi My Dears!

I hope you are all well and you have had a splendid weekend.

Personally I’ve had a nice, shiny and busy weekend! I’ve gone for a run with my friend Alexandrine (7km240 in 47minutes!), and I came to a demonstration. And of course the usual stuff: house cleaning, laundry and ironing !

This week is very busy. Knowing that I work at least from 09:00am to 6:00pm I have to find space in my agenda to: be at 06:30pm at my place on Tuesday for someone to see the house and tell us what we have to do to renovate it properly; organize a meeting on Wednesday evening about Corporate Law; go for a run on Thursday with my Friend, come back to my place and organize a dinner (while I’m writing, I still have to tell my other friend that it’s she who is coming to my place not the other way around … Crazy, right? … Right!); on Friday, if everything goes smoothly I  will have to organize another meeting with a lady I don’t know to explain her what has been said during the last 3 weeks and things that have said during Wednesday’s meeting. Finally, I might go to a meeting on Saturday at 05:30pm to attend a meeting.

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So how do I proceed? Well, as I said, on Saturday I cleaned my apartment and did laundry and ironing. This is the priority, in fact, your space has to be cleaned to be able to welcome friends or a group of people. To do so make sure that, the front part of your apartment is clean. Which means in the bathroom for instance, only the essential is visible (one shampoo, one conditioner, soap or shower gel, face cleanser).  Still in the bathroom area:  have your morning & evening skincare routine ready, a simple one, because you will only have a few time to get ready. So make sure to identify one “skin issue” to be treated during the week (wrinkle, redness, breakdown,…).

In the kitchen, clean the visible part, don’t spend too much time. 30 minutes should be enough. Once it looks fine: cook! Bake a cake, make some lentilles and potatoes. Have some good home-made food ready.

Monday's Time

Regarding clothes, have all you need for the week ready. Check the weather forecast and plan your outfits for at least four days. If you plan to go for a run, make sure your sporty clothes are cleaned and fresh.

As a last “space advice”: try to be coherent in your apartment or your house. Which means, dedicate some space to a specific need: a place to put my purse, a place to put my clothes for the next day, a place to think and relax. It can be a specific chair, a specific little table…

Monday's Time

Monday's Time

And finally, avoid electronic device in your bedroom.

If you have to do some research on a topic you are not 100% sure, ask for some help. If you cannot, plan at least 3 days in advance to have 1 or 2 hours per day to look for information and gather it. Don’t forget to print out, and classify it in folders. Bare in mind that it does not have to be perfect, but do your best.

If you have to speak in public, especially in front of people you don’t know: practice and do not hesitate to say “I don’t know, I take note of your question, give your contact and I will come back to you”.

Voilà my Friends!

I hope it was helpful somehow.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

And as always: Thanks for reading me!



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