The Excitement behind MyLittleBox (Part 7!)

My Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well and you managed to start December 2015 with the vibe of Christmas. From my side to feel the Christmassy mood I’ve started something I would never thought I would do: Vlogging! And especially during Christmas Time: VlogMas!

Before I start speaking about the box, I would like to share with you a beautiful court-métrage from Karl Lagerfeld: Once and Forever, with Kristen Stewart. I personally really enjoyed watching it. I love the fact that this Man is always doing new things. Of course he is a genius, so he can basically do whatever he wants and produce Art. But to do so, he works hard and he says it out loud. So I respect him more for that. “Hard work pays”.

Now, let’s talk about Beauty!

Look at this beautiful box, when I received it and opened it, I was like a child opening its presents the morning of Christmas.


As always MyLittleBox is full of presents: A card (I personally love cards), a magazine, some tea… Kusmi Tea please …! A kind of wallet full of make-up & a beautiful perfume and last but not least a fashion accessory: some “Mitaines” (in English: Mittens).


I’ve tested some of the items, among them the mascara from Too Faced, which is wonderful. The tip of the brush which is round and bigger than the rest allows to really work the eyelashes.

And the tea from the brand Kusmi, which I did not know, surprised me because of its spiciness, its orangy taste, adapted to fall and winter time.

In this period of Christmas and end of the year I wish you to be happy and to be surrounded by the persons you love.


P.S.: A person I have discovered this month and I invite you to have a look: Caitlin Stasey, her blog “Herself“, and an interview she made on Youtube for StyleLikeU (there is an advertising in this video, but this blogpost is not sponsored like this blog in general).




    • zenaidekey
      December 26, 2015 / 12:42 am

      Thanks for sharing! I beleive the boxes are different from one country to another. Merry Christmas Joyce, to you & your Family !

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