I’m not perfect.

Hello My Dear Friends!

I hope you are doing well.

Today’s post will be a “Let’s talk together”.

The topic I would like to address is : I’m not perfect and why I don’t want to be perfect.

I know quite some people who like perfection, they want everything to be perfect: the house, the kids, the boyfriend. They want it so badly that they become paranoid in the sense that they cannot do something without over analysing every step of their decision making just because they want “to be perfect”.

I remember last time I came to a birthday party of a “I want to be perfect” friend and I could not believe what I was seeing, everyone was dressing like they were going to a Ball, and the place was just stunning. At first I thought: oh my gosh I did not know I was going to the president summer party …?!? But after 5 minutes I decided to not care, because 1. nobody told me that I had to dress up like that, 2. I came, which is already a good thing and 3. I don’t want to be perfect so why should I care?

If you have already seen some of my make-up videos or read my blog you would  know already what I think about perfection. Perfection does not exist, perfection is a state you can reach only when you are super-old because you will have done all the mistakes you can afford to make in a life-time.

The “I don’t want to be perfect” set of mind is not to avoid or postpone making things to procrastinate, it is just to admit that I do my best to achieve my goals and when I don’t manage to achieve them, I don’t want to punish myself. Quite a lot of people I know blame themselves because they have achieve their goals in one week instead of one day. So instead of seeing that they have indeed achieve their goals, they see the wrong side of it which is the length of time for instance.

“I don’t want to be perfect” set of mind is more something I like to do to avoid being my worst enemy and be my best Friend. Of course there are some days I wish I have done more or been more productive blablabla, but if I don’t allowed myself to have a break I cannot be happy. I need to take time to observe the world, see beauty in people, situation, moments of daily life. I need time to look through the window and take a picture of the beauty that I am visualising right now, in the moment.

Take your time, don’t force everything, do things in a week instead of a day, a month instead of a week and you will see you will have more time to breath, to enjoy the moment, enjoy being proud to be yourself.

Take care.

Zenaide key.


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