07 things I do to reduce animal suffering impact.


I am not vegan, I wish I was but I’m not.

In 2014, I realised that I needed to know more about what was in my plate, and as I was following girls from Youtube who were speaking about veganism as I get interested in it more and more.

After I saw the documentary Earthlings

I decided to completely stop eating products from animals, however, after a month and a half I could feel that my body was getting nervous, and it needed meat.

I gave up veganism, but still I was conscient of animal suffuring and I did not want to participate to the cruaulty anymore.

So this is what I did and still do, and I believe it is a good way to somehow show how much I care about the Animals:

Stop drinking milk: I know it can sound hard, but it is just a question of habit. It took me 3 days to get used to stop ading milk to my coffee. With my tea, I like soja milk or almond milk.

Drink plant based “milk” like almond milk, soja milk, nuts milk, …


Minimise buying items made of leather. I noticed that in zara for instance, there is a lot of items made of leather for an affordable price, while 20 years ago leather was expensive and rare, but for some reason I ignore, leather has became an “easy to get” item.

Minimise the consumption of red meat, not only because it is not healthy (as many scientifics say), but also because it is not good for the environment and you don’t need that much. Try for a month and see how muc you need it after this lenght of time.


Stop eating eggs. Chicken are so badly treated in the industrial environment. If you want eggs, make sure they are living in good conditions.

Stop going to MacDonald’s/KFC.

Use as much as possible cruelty-free skincare and make-up


Cruelty-free-beauty-products.jpgMuch Love



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