Love for Manchester

I love Manchester. It has been almost 3 years now that I go there on a regular basis. Every time I land, I feel home.

The main reason I go to Manchester is for football match. I’m a Manchester City fan, aka Cityzen; and I never I would but I am…!

How is it that I get into football game at the age of 35, 36 years old? Well, my Boyfriend (yes, I know so cliché) told me one day: “Would you like to go to Manchester and see a football match?”, to this I replied: “Yes! Why not?! It could be interesting”. And OMG: it was surreal! I could feel my heart beating so fast, I was experimenting feelings I never had for a sport game, and here I was: screaming, laughing, singing and also crying.

Be in the Etihad stadium is just fantastic. Look at that, isn’t it just beautiful:


Be surrounded by a great group of people like the Cityzen is magic.

And the players, They are like Friends.





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