My 2018 Morning and Night Routine (home & work).

2018 has been an exciting year so far. I’ve had a lot of up and one very down which has given me the strength to be more and more Me. Also, 2018 marks a step in my life: it has been 10 years that I’ve moved to Belgium and over the last ten years I’ve managed to build the life I wanted (I’m 38 years old, almost 39). I get my diploma as an accountant, I am with a man who loves me just the way I am, and most importantly I have managed to forgive myself for all the mistakes I have done, all the choices that I have made, and I am now in a safe place (inside & outside).



I have installed some routines, because i like routines, a routine at home and a routine at work. My morning routine at home start with 2 big glasses of water, 5 sun salutations (yoga), a short beauty routine, coffee (obviously), and I say thank you to me, my boyfriend and my cats.


At work, I drink 6 glasses of water, I recycle everything I can recycle, I even take back home things I can recycle at home, I go out for lunch break (no computer lunch break anymore), and I clean my desk every evening before leaving (It takes 10 minutes), and also I take the stairs just once per day.

When I come back from work, I immediately go to the shower, and I hydrate my skin from the outside because it is something I am not good at.

And then I enjoy my evening with my little family (Man and Cats).


And before bed, I read at least one page of my book. I say one page because to me it is the hardest part, as the only thing I want to do is to sleep…! So if I manage to read one page, I continue with 10.

At the beginning I was tracking my habits on my BUJO, but after a couple of month all these habits have been integrated in my life, and at the end of the day it just takes 30 minutes which is not that much.

As always thank you for reading me!



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