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In our days, Beauty has a powerful place in the world. Beauty has extended and what used to be cultural in the past has became global today. A Korean lady can wear make-up like a French Girl who can also wear make-up like an American women. Yes, Beauty has extended, also in its definition.

Being beautiful is no more to fit into boxes defined by Society. Being beautiful is to be who we are according to our own rules. Being beautiful is to feel good and confident in our own skin but also to be good and kind to each other.

In this redefined industry with these new rules, the last consumer has a first place and is in front row of the show. He/She has a powerful word: a word to say no to animal test, no to non-environmental friendly component and process, no to the non-respect of human workers conditions.

In this huge world of Beauty I want to be the most ethic and transparent. In my blog when brands are named, the reader can immediately identify which one is cruelty-free and/or environmental friendly and/or human-respect oriented. Because a brand can be or cannot be all at the same time.

As a content creator, what I see, what I say, what I hear matter. And within my blog I wish to translate my vision of Beauty through photography, blogposts and podcasts so that you, as a reader, can enjoy the most of it.

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Zénaïde Key.



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